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  Интеллектуальная обработка текстов естественного языка.
  Извлечение из текстов структур знаний.
  Использование баз знаний для поиска и решения задач.  Intelligent procesing of natural language texts - Russian, English.
  Extraction of knowledge structures from texts.
  Systems with knowledge Base for searching and decision making.

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    Knowledge extraction from texts in Russian and English
    Knowledge extraction from texts in Russian and English.
    Development of a new class of the semantic-oriented linguistic processors,implementing
    the deep analysis of natural language texts for automatic discovering objects (entities):
    persons, organizations, dates, addresses, names of places, kinds of weapons ... up to 40 types.
    Discovering object properties, their interrelations, participation in actions.
    Resulting knowledge structures formation. They are used for Knowledge Base creation.
    Knowledge Extraction ...
    Linguistic Processors ...
    Logical analytical systems employing the Knowledge Bases (KB)
    Development of Knowledge Bases (KB) employing the Extended Semantic Networks (ESN)
    for knowledge structures representation and DECL language for logical processing.
    Development of Logical Analytical Systems employing the KB for various types
    of semantic search:
    - Search for similar objects (entities): persons, addresses, etc.,
    - Search for links (e.g. search for anonymous persons based on their features),
    - Search for the objects from different documents based on the indirect links.
    Development of Expert Systems Shells employing KB.
    Knowledge Base ...
    Logical Analytical Systems ...

    Tools for Intelligent Systems.
    Development of the tools for creating intelligent systems in different application areas.
    - Extended Semantic Networks (ESN) for knowledge representation,
    - DECL language employing production rules for knowledge structures processing.
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    Knowledge-based systems
    Automatic creation of the biggest encyclopedia – KEYWEN - based on the information from Internet
    - where the definitions are given for all concepts presented in the Russian
    - language and some other languages.
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    Linguistic Models
    Design and development of the unified functional semantic representations
    Two views of language processor design: structure-based and interlingua-based approaches
    Interpreters’ transformations in parallel texts
    Cognitive Transfer Grammar
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    Multilingual Systems and Machine Translation
    Development of multilingual syntactic semantic processors.
    Hybrid machine translation: integration of symbolic and statistical paradigms.
    Natural Language Engineering Environment.
    Intertext Linguistic Knowledge Base. <>
    Cognitive alignment of language structures.
    Search for language structures synonymy and semantic equivalence.
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